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Dissertation Methods Section Example

Example of an APA methods section Methods Participants The sample included 879 adults aged between 18 and 28. More than half of the participants were women (56%), and all participants had completed at least 12 years of education. Ethics approval was obtained from the university board before recruitment began.

  • aim of the dissertation is to evaluate a representative consumer population for the association between brand equity and recall value. Sample Size Determination Method A priori power analysis will be performed to determine a suitable sample size that is needed for this dissertation to detect a specified level of effect with inferential statistics.

  • Data Collection Methods Data acquisition and analysis is a vital part of the project as the statistics and estimated calculations are derived based on collected data by the people of Tripoli. To acquire the qualitative type of primary data, a survey questionnaire and semi-structured interview methods are used which are provided in appendix A and B respectively.

  • Thus, you will write the methods chapter in past tense. Organization Consider organizing this chapter in the following manner: 1. Introductory paragraph including general research design and organization of chapter 2. Data collection methods (how did you gather your data?) 3. Data analysis methods (how did you analyze your data?) 1.

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